Dark Fantasy


The Vampire's Kiss

When the sun is gone
and the moon is pale
and the night is dark and deep,
In the cool, damp air
of some musty place
he wakes from a dreamless sleep;

And the fire is there
in his blood-red eyes -
no hunger worse than this,
To extend his life
he must hunt tonight -
he must give the Vampire's Kiss.

So he walks the earth
in the dark of night
and he knows that he is cursed
To a life alone -
as he stalks his prey -
driven by this awful thirst;

And the search goes on
every night the same -
seeking a moment's bliss,
As his bedroom eyes
promise paradise -
he bestows the Vampire's Kiss.

© 2001 Fay Herridge
Published in The Vampire’s Crypt, Issue 2, Summer 1990



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