The Lure of Oak Island

The story of Oak Island is the deepest mystery
Found within the books of Nova Scotiaís history;
It speaks of treasure hidden deep below the mud and muck
And many are the searchers who have come to try their luck.

Historians have tried to find the truth but all in vain,
Two centuries have passed and still the mystery remains;
The lure of unknown treasure calls from deep within the ground
With every piece of evidence and artefact thatís found.

It could be pirate booty left there many years ago,
Great wooden chests filled up with jewels and with gold;
Perhaps a great collection of such rare and priceless things
As sacred artefacts once held by Solomon, the king.

Knights Templar have been talked about in hushed and quiet tones,
Inspired by signs and markings found on many different stones;
Or it could be a treasure trove of long lost manuscripts
Written by the "bard" himself - Shakespeare, that famous Brit.

Perhaps a Spanish galleon or a Portuguese war ship -
Once came and now is held within the island's iron grip;
The stories and the legends that are told about this place
They seem to have the power to enthrall the human race.

Surrounded by the legends of strange sounds and eerie sights
Of ghosts and spirits that go bump and whisper in the night;
Big black floating clouds and dogs with eyes of glowing red,
Shadows moving through the trees of visitors long dead.

Excavationís always plagued with problems of some kind,
The island seems to have control of what the seekers find;
Though six have lost their lives while digging on this scrap of land,
The threat of losing one more life canít stay the diggerís hand.

The island seems to have some sort of self-preserving mode,
Reluctant to reveal just where to find the mother lode;
Confusion always seems to be the order of the day,
For every question answered thereís another in the way.

But knowledge of what happened and what lies beneath the earth,
To some outweighs the thought of what this treasure might be worth;
The story is important and that makes it something big,
And millions are caught up in the excitement of the dig.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Aug/Sep 2019


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