St. Patrick's Day


The Leprechaun's Harp

A leprechaun once played a harp
With music soft and sweet,
He felt it deep inside him
From his head down to his feet.

The music drifted softly
And it danced upon the breeze,
Spreading over hill and dale
And floating round the trees.

Each night he sat upon a rock
Beneath the pale moonlight,
And softly played upon that harp
Sweet music through the night.

The leprechaun he played his harp
One sultry summer night,
Until a maiden young and fair
Stepped out into his sight.

He thought she was the fairest lass
That he had ever seen,
With hair as black as midnight
And a dress of clover green.

The music of that harp became
Like magic in the air,
She danced with wings upon her feet
This lithesome maid so fair.

When he stopped playing she grew still
A vision in moonlight,
And when she blinked the leprechaun
Had vanished out of sight.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Story Quilt, March 2020



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