St. Patrick's Day


The Funny Leprechaun

A funny little leprechaun
Was jumping up and down,
Kicking up his heels and dancing
All around the town.

His high-heeled shoes were shiny black,
His suit was emerald green;
And on his face the biggest smile
That you have ever seen.

His belt was black, the buckle gold,
His hair was fiery red;
A funny hat, that looked too big,
Was perched upon his head.

St. Patrick’s Day was almost here
And it was plain to see,
This funny little leprechaun
Was happy as could be.

He entertained the people with
The stories that he told;
But he would never tell them where
He hid his pot of gold.

He danced upon the roof tops
And along the streets as well;
And when they asked about his gold,
He said he’d never tell.

So they encouraged him to dance
All through the night and day,
And hoped that he would tell them where
His gold was tucked away.

He danced along the fence tops –
Did a funny little jig;
And tried to dance upon the back
Of Farmer Murphy’s pig!

He tried to dance upon a pole
But fell and bumped his head;
And then told everyone his gold
Was underneath his bed!

Then with a cheeky little grin,
He danced upon a stool;
‘I know just what you’re after
But I am nobody’s fool!’

© Fay Herridge
Published in Story Quilt, Mar 2019



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