Poor Little Fish

Poor little fish there in the brook,
Better beware the angler’s hook,
Or you may become, poor little fish,
Some human’s lunch, a tasty dish.

Poor little fish, so sleek and gray,
Enjoy your carefree swim today,
Tomorrow it may be too late,
You could be lying on someone’s plate.

Poor little fish, oh what can you do,
The brook’s no longer safe for you,
Whatever you do, at least I’ve tried
To warn you that you could be fried!

Poor little fish, it’s sad but true,
There just is no escape for you,
In life’s great cycle you’re a part,
Your days are numbered from the start.

Poor little fish, how could you know
You may not be allowed to grow,
For today you’re swimming free;
Tomorrow’s dinner you may be.

Poor little fish, there in the brook,
I have no bait, I have no hook;
Just go along your merry way,
You’re free to swim another day.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Oct/Nov 2018


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