Looking Out Across The Sea

Looking out across the sea as day begins to dawn,
And as the sky grows lighter, the dark of night is gone,
I see the rising sun reflected in the sea
And I can feel its warmth shining down on me.

Looking out across the sea, where lies a distant shore,
Wondering how it would be to sail there and explore,
As men so often did back when the world was young,
Taming unknown lands - their dreams on stars were hung.

Looking out across the sea, so deep and dark and wide,
Where little fishing boats are bobbing side by side,
A jet flies overhead across a bright blue sky,
Small white fluffy clouds form pictures for my eyes.

Looking out across the sea, I watch the setting sun,
And itís reminding me another day is done,
The sky is turning now to every shade of pink,
This is the time of day I like to sit and think.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Downhome Magazine, Sep 1999


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