Like The Seagull

I watched a seagull flying high and free
Above the waves of the surging sea
And how I wish
That like the seagull I could be free

But there’s a prison where my soul lies
Held fast by strong invisible ties
And so I stay
While up above me the seagull flies

My heart lies captive behind temple doors
Where my soul aches and longs to soar
To be set free
While the seagull flies to distant shores

I watched the seagull flying out of sight
Up in the clouds on his winged flight
And how I wish
I could fly like him into the night

Oh, but I am chained to reality
Tied by the rules of conformity
Could I break loose
Then like the seagull I could be free

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Oct/Nov 2018


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