The Happy Little Brook

I am a little brook now,
Too big to call a stream,
Too small to be a river-
Just kind of in between.

I feel so very warm when
The sun is shining bright,
But when the day is over
I shiver in the night.

I polish all the stones on
The bottom of my bed,
And I provide whatís needed
To keep my fishes fed.

My waterís good to drink and
My fish are good to ear,
Or if youíre tired and hot
Just stop and soak your feet.

I mirror a reflection
Of everything I see,
I hear so many sad tales,
Iím glad that I am me.

I am a happy brook now,
Just bubbling on my way,
Gently on my winding path,
The same thing every day.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Oct/Nov 2018


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