Friendship is a precious thing,
Makes you want to laugh and sing,
Puts a smile upon your face,
And great the joy that it can bring.

Friendship is a thing to share,
Show someone how much you care,
Makes you feel so good inside,
And such a thing is very rare.

Friendship dries your every tear
With a sympathetic ear,
Comforts you when things go wrong,
Heals your pain and stills your fear.

Friendship is a hand to hold
When the world is harsh and cold,
Someone you can count upon,
More precious than the purest gold.

Friendship lives within your heart
And never dies, though you may part;
For distance cannot break the ties
That still bind you, heart to heart.

Friendship true, is given free,
Stretching past eternity;
And you never have to doubt
That you have a friend in me.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Downhome Magazine, Apr 1998


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