Can You Hear Them?

Can you hear them, as silently they weep?
The wind and the waves are disturbing their sleep.
All down through the ages,
On history’s pages –
So many are the souls who have perished in the deep.

Can you hear them, the old and the young?
The ones about whom songs of tribute are sung.
The sons and the fathers,
The mothers and daughters;
The name of each one still rolls softly off the tongue.

Can you hear them – softly whispered sighs
Of loved ones who tug at your heart from the skies.
The memories you treasure
Can bring such great pleasure –
Yet cause tears of pain that will fill up your eyes.

Can you hear them deep inside your mind –
Where sweet memories ‘round your soul are entwined?
Through joy and through sorrow,
Today and tomorrow –
They’ll live in the hearts of the ones left behind.

Can you hear them – way down in the ground?
They dug for the coal that the prospectors found;
So deep, dark and dusty,
With tools now gone rusty –
Sometimes in the mind, there’s a far distant sound.

Can you hear them calling from above –
The friends and the loved ones that you’re thinking of?
They play harps and cymbals
In the company of angels,
Where God now surrounds them with His unfailing love.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Dec 2012/Jan 2013


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