Dark Fantasy



I opened my arms and I bid him come,
He gathered me close to his chest,
He whispered sweet words in my list'ning ear
And pillowed his head on my breast.

His flesh was as cold as an empty tomb,
When I wrapped my arms round him tight,
His breath was as hot as the fires of hell,
And I held him close through the night.

His eyes like red embers, his face so pale,
His hair like a raven's black wing,
His kiss was pure magic and then I felt
The blood in my veins start to sing.

I woke in a bed that was hard and cold,
With nothing but darkness around,
Then I realized what had happened to me
And I clawed my way up through the ground.

© 2001 Fay Herridge
Published in The Vampire’s Crypt, Issue 6, Fall 1992



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