The Backyard

Little Birds Little Birds Little Birds

Gardener Did you take a wrong turn? Do you not listen very well? Or do warnings just make you more curious? I know you were warned about the not-so-friendly creatures lurking around back here. We try very hard to keep them away but a groundskeeper can only do so much. You're lucky that there's only two here at the present time.

By the way, my name is Sylvester Oaks, but you can call me Oakie like everyone else around here. I don't mind. This is my Watch Dragon. He flies out over the estate and brings me back a status report. Yes, I can speak dragon-speak. They call me the Groundskeeper around here but I'm actually a retired wizard. I used to be pretty powerful but I got tired of others looking for spells to make them wealthy or famous. I never liked using my powers for such things. I think special powers should be used for good, don't you? But enough about me ...

Krayzo Now that you're here, I suppose I should tell you something about these two and what they're capable of. To the left is Kracko and he is really crazy. All this thing eats is bones, nothing but bones. If you believe the stories, he's been known to dig up graves when he's been a long time with no bones. I guess he's really no danger to humans ... unless you get between him and a bone. And he can smell bones from miles away! Which means he can probably smell YOUR bones too!

Er... it's also been said that if he finds a pile of bones he literally goes into a feeding frenzy. If I were you I'd get as far away from him as I could, as fast as I could! The way he's gobbling up those bones I don't want to be within reach of his long arms when he gets hungry.

Lokum Now this guy is a real mystery. He hasn't been around very long. No one knows where he came from or what his real name is. We call him Boris because he keeps flashing different colours like the Aurora Borealis - you know, the Northern Lights? We're not sure what this means but he looks very mean and angry and he's been like this ever since he got here. The woodcutter said that maybe the reason he keeps changing colour is because he doesn't know what colour he wants to be - or is supposed to be.

But there was a hobo came along last week and he told me he once heard a legend about a flashing creature. However, he couldn't remember much of the story, just that something made the thing explode. Oddly enough, he couldn't remember if it was turning a certain colour that did it or if something else was the trigger. Either way, I plan to keep my distance from this one. You do what you see fit.

Oh, by the way, I seem to recall something about that hobo. I think he's actually a travelling storyteller and he may even be living out in the forest.

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