Through The Window Of My Heart

Through the window of my heart
I can see a heavenly view
And I hear a gentle whisper
Say I have a place for you.
Peace and glory reigns forever
And the door is open wide
And the angels will be waiting
Just to welcome me inside

Through the window of my heart
I can see the face of God
And I know He walks beside me
On this winding path Ive trod
When my footsteps start to falter
I can feel His guiding hand
And I know that He will lead me
Safely to the promised land.

Through the window of my heart
I can feel His saving grace
As He lifts my weary spirit
To a joyful happy place
And I know that if I ask Him
Hell forgive my every sin
Ill no longer have to be
On the outside looking in

© 2006 Fay Herridge

NOTE: One Sunday morning, our minister Chris Andrews talked about the 'Window of the Heart'. On the way out of church, I told him it was a great title for a poem or song - and I wrote the above poem after I went home. I sent him a copy by e-mail, but got no comment until he read it aloud at the beginning of our next Board of Stewards meeting. The applause that followed was very humbling. Thank you, Chris, for the inspiration and the encouragement.

Walking With Jesus

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