Walking With Jesus

Not His - But Yours and Mine

He healed the sick and dying,
Turned the water into wine,
Upon the cross He died for sins:
Not His - but yours and mine.

He walked upon the water
And He bid the storm "Be still!"
And thousands listened to each word
When He preached upon the hill

He cleansed the unclean lepers,
Made the lame to walk again,
And then, to buy our freedom,
Went through agony and pain.

He opened up the deaf ears,
And gave sight to the blind;
He gave His life to pardon sin;
Not His - but yours and mine.

He cured a man with dropsy,
And a withered hand made whole;
He fed five thousand people
With two fishes and five loaves.

He healed an epileptic,
And raised Lazarus from the dead;
And then to cleanse our tainted souls,
His precious blood was shed.

He drove the demons from a man
Into a herd of swine;
And then He perished for our sins;
Not His - but yours and mine.

© 2013 Fay Herridge

Walking With Jesus

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