Walking With Jesus

King Without A Crown

Born in a manger on the hay,
The angels sang His praise that day,
As kings and shepherds gathered 'round
To see the King without a crown.

He grew to be a happy child
With gentle ways and happy smile,
His voice was such a joyful sound;
But still a King without a crown.

And then one day the boy had grown,
Twas time to set out on His own;
An unknown path He did walk down,
This wondrous King without a crown.

He preached the Word of God to all,
Told them to heed the Father's call,
He was betrayed; the tears could drown;
They mourned the King without a crown.

Upon a cruel hard wooden cross,
For all our sins He paid the cost;
Upon His head they placed in scorn
A sharply piercing crown of thorns.

Now Jesus sits at God's right hand
And watches o'er this troubled land,
With angels singing all around;
No more a King without a crown.

© 2013 Fay Herridge

Walking With Jesus

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