Seven Words Of The Cross

After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. -John 19:28, KJV-

I Thirst

When Jesus cried out " I am thirsty, "
His spirit to death now resigned
One of the soldiers held up to his lips
A sponge that was soaked in cheap wine.

" I thirst! I thirst! "
Was the cry of our dying Lord;
" I thirst! I thirst! "
As on the ground His blood was poured.


The country was blinded by darkness
Which lasted for three dreadful hours
All of the things that were happ'ning were but
A sample of God's mighty pow'rs.


He knew that all things were accomplished
The Scriptures had now been fulfilled
God's Son would die for the sins of mankind
And His precious blood would be spilled.


There's many today who are thirsty
While Jesus stands outside the door
Let Him take charge of your heart and your life
And you will be thirsty no more.


© 1999 Fay Herridge

Walking With Jesus

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