Walking With Jesus

As Mary Watched

As Mary watched her newborn Son asleep upon the hay,
She thought about the words that she had heard the angel say:
Your son will do great things, and he
Will save the world from sin, you see;
For Jesus is the Son of God - to Him we kneel and pray.

As Mary watched her growing Son out playing with his friends,
She dealt with little bumps and scrapes a mother always mends;
The knowledge that one day they'd part
Was buried deep within her heart;
She stored the little memories she would cherish in the end.

As Mary watched her Son at work with Joseph, side by side,
The humble trade of carpentry with skillful hands he tried;
Alone He sometimes liked to walk
And with great teachers liked to talk;
Preparing for the time when He must travel far and wide.

As Mary watched her teenage Son mature into a man
She knew that it was all a part of God the Father's plan;
She saw that He could do so much
And marveled at His gentle touch;
And in her heart she knew He was no ordinary man.

As Mary watched her adult Son, the people gathered near,
To listen to His teaching in a voice so strong and clear;
As word about His great deeds and
His healing spread throughout the land,
She kept a smile upon her face and pushed away the fear.

As Mary watched her dying Son upon the cross that day,
She thought about the words that she had heard the angel say;
She knew that it was God's own will,
A promise that must be fulfilled;
Her Son would save mankind - but what a price He had to pay!

© 2013 Fay Herridge

Walking With Jesus

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