Terry's Eulogy

In Memory Of Terry Fox
And His Marathon Of Hope

Pushing on past the limit
Of human endurance,
Trying hard to reach the goal
That he had set selflessly;
Not for fame did he do it
But for others in need
And to show what could be done
Through courage and faith in God.
He did more to unite us
As Canadians, one and all;
Showing us that we should see
And care for those around us.
Terry Fox was a hero
Canada won't forget,
A young man to be proud of
And remember with great respect;
For he reached so many hearts
And touched so many lives
With his faith and his bravery;
And we loved him for it all;
For Terry, now it's over
His race is fully run;
He left us a legacy
Of courage and selfless love.

© 1977, 2000 by Fay Herridge

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