Ten Hungry Vampires

Ten hungry vampires going out to dine
One got lost along the way and then there were nine.

Nine hungry vampires waiting at the gate
One flew off to Timbuktu and then there were eight

Eight hungry vampires, clean and freshly shaven
One razor was too sharp and then there were seven

Seven hungry vampires planning nasty tricks
One caught himself on fire and then there were six

Six hungry vampires learning how to drive
One crashed into a tree and then there were five

Five hungry vampires walking on the shore
One fell in the ocean and then there were four

Four hungry vampires swinging from a tree
One fell on a picket fence and then there were three

Three hungry vampires drank a witch's brew
One was turned into a frog and then there were two

Two hungry vampires having so much fun
One collided with a plane and then there was one

One hungry vampire and he's home alone
Loving every minute for the place is all his own

© 2001 Fay Herridge

Wonders of Life

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