Out To Pasture

The meadow is so green
with grass that is so tall,
the sweet forget-me-nots
creep oer the garden wall;

He stands there silently,
his handsome head bent low,
He used to be so young and gay
but now hes growing old;

His legs, once young and strong,
they grow so tired so fast,
he spends much of his time
just dreaming of the past;

He raced along the roadways
with his head held proud and high,
everybody knew him then
and cheered as he went by;

Once he was a Champion,
but nothing lasts always,
and now hes out to pasture
for his remaining days;

But hes contented with his life
and treated like a king,
if he were man instead of horse
with pleasure he would sing.

© Fay Herridge

Wonders of Life

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