Iím Too Old For You

Donít speak to me of loving,
Dim that look in your eye,
Keep silent your young heartís words
And please donít question why.

I know just how youíre feeling,
And what youíre thinking of,
But admiration for someone
Shouldnít be confused with love.

Donít build your dreams around me
For they will not come true;
It will only bring you pain,
Although Iím fond of you.

I love you like a brother,
I love you like a son,
But to love you like a lover-
It simply canít be done.

You give me inspiration,
I need you as a friend,
The many years between us
Wonít be important then.

So let us be content now
With friendship strong and true;
No, youíre not too young for me
But Iím too old for you.

© 2001 Fay Herridge

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