Freddie the Frog

Freddie was a little frog
Who sat upon a bumpy log
And every day he sang his croaking song;
He liked to roll his big round eyes
And dream of catching juicy flies
So Freddie dreamed his daydreams all day long.

Freddie was a happy frog
Who sometimes did a dancing jog
Out on the pond upon a lily pad;
He stretched his tongue out really fast
To catch the flies as they went past
And every time he caught one he was glad.

Freddie was a lonely frog
Who didnít like the rain and fog,
He liked the see the sun shine warm and bright;
He liked to watch the tall grass sway
See flowers dancing every day
And tiny fireflies lighting up the night.

Freddie was a funny frog
Who lived down in the marshy bog
Where only frogs and crickets liked to sing;
Sometimes he would sing along
His off-key voice was very strong,
But singing made him feel like he was king!

© 2014 Fay Herridge

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