Farewell My Friend

For once itís hard to find the words
To fill this sheet of white,
The old cliches all come to mind
But none of them seem right.

For you have been the dearest friend
That I have ever had,
The thought of you so far away
Makes me feel very sad.

You introduced me to the things
In my life, that I could do;
Iíd not be so contented now
If it were not for you.

And I have learned so very much
From spending time with you,
And Iíve enjoyed the things weíve shared-
Me being me - you being you.

How can I begin to thank you?
I just donít seem to know;
Your friendship I will ever treasure
And I will miss you so.

Though we must say farewell, my friend;
As long as my heart beats
Iíll welcome you with open arms
The next time that we meet.

© 2001 Fay Herridge

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