The Coming Of Winter

Mother Nature called Jack Frost and said ‘The time is here
For you to paint your frosty scenes on windows everywhere.
And you can turn each pond into a strong, thick sheet of ice,
Then people will put on their skates and think it’s very nice.’

Then next she called the Snow Queen and told her ‘Do your best.
Create a pure white wonderland while all the earth’s at rest.
Cover all the fields and the hills with snow on every side,
So they can use cross-country skiis, or on toboggans ride.’

And then she called the North Wind, ‘Come let your cold breath blow
Long and strong across the land, make mountains with the snow.
But let the drifts settle soft, don’t pack it down too hard,
So little hands can build up forts and snowmen in the yard.’

Mother Nature said ‘My children, this is your time to play;
Go out enjoy yourselves and make a winter world today.
Then when you have finished play and all these things are done,
People then will realize that winter can be fun.’

© 2001 Fay Herridge

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