Starting as a rumble,
then turning to a roar,
Growing ever louder -
cave-in at number four.
The ground begins to shake
and dust begins to fly;
Thirteen men now wonder
if they will live or die.
Time! It has no meaning
in this dark and dirty hole
So deep within the earth -
buried with the coal.
Waiting in the darkness
for some sound from above
That will give them reason
not to give up hope.
And their prayers are answered -
a voice comes loud and clear -
A patch of daylight shows -
no more cause to fear.
Then comes a frightening noise,
a deafening burst of sound;
The rescuers break through -
but cries of joy are drowned.
The people weep and wail.
This much, no ore is worth.
For twenty-six brave men
lie buried in the earth.
So do we have to wonder
why people fear the mines?
The tragic loss of lives
canít be erased by time.

© 2001 Fay Herridge

Wonders of Life

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