My Sketchbook

Several years ago I was very involved in plastic canvas needlework. Countless hours of gripping a yarn needle with my thumb and forefinger, combined with the constant repetitive motion of pushing and pulling the needle through the canvas, eventually brought on carpal tunnel syndrome. Wearing a wrist brace was the only way to ease the pain. In addition to the pain, the metal splint in the brace made using my hand very awkward. Needlework was out of the question at least temporarily. So what to do in my spare time?

My artistic talent is practically non-existent. I've never even been able to draw a straight line without a ruler. However, during my forced hiatus from needlework I started drawing pictures! Sketches with a pencil really. Soon I had a book filled with simple line drawings of all sorts of imaginary beings. They have been sitting quietly on the shelf until now!

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