Sugarbug Village

So you want to know where I live, do you? Well, I'll tell you a little bit about my home, but I can't tell you just where it is.

Here on earth, sugarbugs live in the old stumps of trees that have been cut down. We construct lots of tunnels and rooms, which would damage living trees, so we use dead stumps. Each sugarbug has its own room for sleeping and usually one for hobbies too. Of course we have family rooms where we spend time together as well. Sugarbugs are a highly advanced species and our social life is similar to that of the human race here on earth.

When the space pod with my parents landed here on earth, there were just 10 families but some of them had teenagers who were nearly adults. When these teenagers became adults, they paired up into new families and now we have 38 families and still growing. Sugarbug families can be quite large.

As I said, I can't tell you exactly where my home is, but I can tell you that it's in a forest. Our homes have to be close to areas where wild berries and mushrooms grow, as well as certain types of moss as these are our main food supplies.

When sugarbugs become adults they find a life-mate and begin setting up their own home. When the home is ready they move in and begin their own family. There is always a big housewarning party when a new pair of life-mates move into their first home. That is the only time that we visit each other's homes. All other socializing is done outside the home. We have a Community Hall but it is a bit small for the population now, so we are in the process of constructing a new one.

The Village Hall is where everyone meets to celebrate big events, such as: the birth of a new bugette; when a bugette becomes a sugarbot; and the moving or passing of an elder.

Of course, the Hall is used for discussion in any emergency too, but we haven't had many of those. In fact, I can only remember one, and that was in the beginning when we were trying to decide how to deal with what earth people call winter. We sugarbugs had never experienced anything like it before, but that's another story.

We are also building an Elder Hall, where all the elders will live in their own apartments. The Hall will also have a KEW room, where any sugarbug can go to consult with the elders. KEW stands for Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom. Elders are much respected members of the tribe. Maybe I will tell you more about them another time.

Adventures of Sugarbug

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