SugarBug's Office

What does a SugarBug want an office for? I knew you would be curious about that. Well, I used to write a column for the Starfire Weekly back home so writing comes naturally to me. Now I write about my travels here on earth and especially all the interesting members of the animal kingdom that I meet. I don't usually talk to humans much - they have a tendency to squash bugs of any kind, so I keep my distance. Animals are different. Well, some of them anyway. I'm not like earth bugs so I get along okay.

I also use the office to record everything about my travels. Things should always be written down for future generations to read so they can learn from our experiences. I may even decide to transport my records back home to Starfire one day for publication. It might be interesting for those still living there to learn how some of the explorers have fared.

Of course, I cannot let you read my private journals, but you may read some of my stories. I've included pictures of the animals here too. I may even let you read some other stories in the future. I miss writing for the Starfire Weekly and once thought about starting one here, but there's not enough news in our little village. Perhaps a monthly, or a quarterly publication might work - something to think about... I could put copies in the Community Hall so everyone would have access to them. Maybe I could call it the Starfire Journal. So I would definitely need an office the, would I not? Yes, of course.

Anyway, for the time being I'll settle for publishing papers about some of the animals I meet here on earth. It's one way of educating my race about their new home. I must admit, I am quite pleased with how popular they have become.

Adventures of Sugarbug

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