Where Is Heaven?

Where is Heaven, a small child asked,
Looking up toward the sky;
What is it like, and if Iím good,
Will I go there when I die?

Where is Heaven? Does God live there?
And how do we really know?
And Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Does He still love me so?

Where is Heaven, and who is God,
Are the questions of a child;
And only in the Book of Life
Can the answers be supplied.

We know that God so loved the world
That He gave His only Son,
To live on earth and die for us,
For He loves us, every one.

Where is Heaven? Nobody knows.
And yet we know itís there;
And who is God? Creator of all
On land, on sea, in the air.

And yet a child canít understand
The things he cannot see.
Where is Heaven, and who is God?
He quietly asked of me.

© Fay Herridge

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