Two Hundred Years

It was two hundred years ago
When first they gathered in this town,
To worship God and praise His name
And to make a joyful sound.

Ladies wore their meeting hats,
Hair pulled back into a bun;
Skirts were long and necklines high,
Prim and proper every one.

Men all wore their Sunday best
And behaved like gentlemen;
Work forgotten for a day,
For that’s how it was back then.


All their meetings first were held
In the home of Mr. Lake;
A little chapel they desired,
But much funding it would take.

In eighteen twenty-two they built
The little place they could afford
And, proud of their accomplishment,
They gathered in to praise the Lord.

Since then four churches have been built,
As the congregation grew;
Increasing size to meet demands -
Ever changing, ever new.


But as the generations changed,
Still voices lifted up in song;
Though lifestyles altered with the times,
The faith in God was always strong.

And as they worshipped long ago
We still do the same today,
Thankful that the roots established
Long ago – are here to stay.

We do not know what lies ahead -
The joys, the tears, the hopes and fears;
So we pray that God will guide us
Through the next two hundred years.

© 2014 Fay Herridge

(Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of
Fortune United Church congregation.)

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