To Find A Leprechaun

An Irish lass went out one day
To find a leprechaun
Her parents woke next morning fair
And found their daughter gone
They searched the towns and meadows too
And in the hills of green
A scarlet ribbon from her hair
Was all that could be seen.

The story said this lassie fair
Her leprechaun did find
And just to follow him she left
Her other life behind
She followed him to fairyland
Where she became his bride
And stayed until she found the gold
He could no longer hide.

She loaded up the cart and then
She saddled up the horse
With all the jewels she could find
And all the gold of course
While he was working in the mine
She made her getaway
She changed her name and changed her looks
And found a place to stay.

Now there’s a quiet little town
Along the Irish shore
And if you’re lucky you might find
A little jewelry store
Where you can buy the finest things
From a girl whose name is Dawn
The Irish lass who once went out
To find a leprechaun.

© March 2004 Fay Herridge

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