A Soldier And A Sailor

Young Johnny was a soldier lad
And fighting was his life,
But all the time he longed to be
Home with his loving wife;
The pictures in his pocket
Showed his son and daughter too,
With their motherís golden hair
And their fatherís eyes so blue.

Now Michael was a sailor boy
As was his Dad before,
With a fair colleen in every port
Along the windswept shore;
Heíd love the girls and leave them,
Such a handsome, dashing lad;
And rumors said young Michael
Was many times a Dad.

Then Johnny went to battle,
Left his loved ones home alone;
And Michael sailed upon the sea,
Dreaming of ports unknown;
They were different, yet the same,
Two young men from some small town,
Johnny was shot in ambush
And Michaelís ship went down.

A soldier and a sailor lad,
Two young men in their prime;
A loss that cannot be replaced,
As church bells for them chime.
And thoí the hurt may lessen
And may fade as time goes by,
The soldier and the sailor,
In memíry will not die.

© Fay Herridge

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