People Who Care

A Tribute To Kevin Denbok

So much talent
For one so young,
And it saddens me
To think
That so many songs
May be unsung;
So enjoy it, Kevin,
While you can,
And make your mark
In the minds
And hearts
Of your many fans;
And you do have fans Ė
For those who hear
Your youthful voice
And feel
The emotions in your songs,
Canít help but care;
You have so much
That you can share,
And youíll get love
In return,
For there really are
People who care;
Youíre a treasure, Kevin,
And Iím happy
For youíll create
In song,
That are part of you
Which weíll always have.

© 25 October 1982 Fay Herridge

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