If I Could

If I could hold you in my arms
Whenever you are blue,
Id smooth away your worried brow
And I would comfort you.

Id let you use my shoulder too,
If you should want to cry,
Id hold you close and dry the tears
From your expressive eyes.

Id shield you from this cruel world
When love has gone astray,
Id be there when you need a friend,
If it be night or day.

If you could tell me all the pain
That you feel deep inside,
And let me ease your sorrow just
By being at your side.

And if I could, Id take away
The hurting that you feel,
Id make you see that life goes on
And one day you will heal.

If I could be the friend you need
When life has let you down,
Id share my heart and soul with you
And chase away that frown.

© 1974 Fay Herridge

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