The Twenty-fifth Anniversary
Of Fortune United Church

Welcome, friends and visitors, itís nice to have you here
To help us celebrate the Churchís twenty-fifth year;
Since nineteen sixty-six the years have quickly fled,
So letís think back a moment as this story is read.

The first Church built in Fortune was in eighteen twenty-four,
And joyful were the people who entered through its door;
A second Church soon followed, and after that Ė a third!
The fourth Church was a beauty where many prayers were heard.

Alas, as it grew older, its age began to show,
We felt it shake and tremble when winter winds did blow;
It was a tough decision, but then the truth was faced,
The Church had served its purpose and now must be replaced.

A Building Committee formed from among the congregation,
And we knew that it would take hard work and dedication;
So we built a fifth Church when the money had been found,
Dedicated to Godís Glory, anchored firm on solid ground.

But it is not the building that makes a Church, you see,
Itís those who come to worship, the folks like you and me;
Itís the Minister who preaches, itís the Organist who plays,
The Choir that leads the singing Ė itís everyone who prays.

So many of these people are still with us this year,
And we remember fondly all those who are not here;
There have been happy moments and times when tears were shed,
There have been births and deaths, and many couples wed.

Yet all throughout the years, one thing remains steadfast-
The friendships found in Church are ones that always last;
So on this anniversary; weíre glad to share with you
The fellowship of Jesus, and our celebrations too.

© Fay Herridge

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