The Monster Jamboree

From the lakes and from the rivers,
From the oceans deep and wide;
From the valleys and the mountains
And the canyons where they hide.

What a hustle and a bustle
As they all prepared to leave,
In a hurry and a scurry
For the Monster Jamboree.

There were monsters of all colours,
There were young and old ones too
They were laughing, they were talking,
Catching up on all the news.

Some were roaming in the hallways,
Others playing on the roof;
Cousin Krank fell down the chimney
And he felt like such a goof.

In the house or in the garden,
In the basement drinking ale;
And in nearly every window
You could see a head or tail.

There were lots of picnic tables
Underneath a giant tree,
Filled with many different foods
That every monster likes to eat.

Some were dancing to the music
Of the Purple Coral Band,
Some were singing with the members
Of the Sleepy Hollow Clan.

By the time the fun was over
They were tired as they could be
But they all had such a grand time
At the Monster’s Jamboree.

© Fay Herridge

Monster Jamboree

We creatures like to party – just like you humans do. We like to socialize, catch up with everyone’s latest news, and dance. We are intelligent creatures in our own way. There are musicians among us – maybe not your kind of music, but it suits us. We also have singers and poets. Shyster is one of the best-known poets in the creature world. He wrote this poem about one of our most recent parties – the Annual Spring Jamboree.

Of course, we need a lot more space than humans and we eat tons more food. Our food is probably quite different from what you eat. Check out the menu below. Sorry, I can’t share the recipes with you – Granny Geezer would thrash me!

Jamboree Menu

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