Loch Newf Monster Yes, I understand that you are perhaps a wee bit surprised. You did not think that a monster kept a journal, did you? And why not, may I ask? Are we not living creatures? Do we not have the right to record our thoughts, just as you do?

And that's another thing. I never truly cared for that term - monster. It conjures up images of ugly, ferocious beasts that do nothing but terrify others. The truth is, most creatures like myself are rather shy. Believe it or not, because of our size we are often clumsy and we are conscious of it. Personally, I think that's why humans fear us - because of our size. What is it that makes humans afraid of things much smaller than themselves, like mice and spiders, or extra large creatures? Beats me. But then, most humans don't even understand each other so far be it from me to try to understand what makes them tick.

Now, as I said, I am not a monster. I am just a rather large sea creature with the ability to breathe both underwater and above it. I have been around for longer than I care to remember and I am fairly certain that my clan is the lagrest of our kind. Where I live is not important. I will say only that it is a secretive, well-hidden location in the southern portion of Newfoundland. I like to swim in the ocean, especially in Fortune Bay.

I try to avoid being seen by humans but it does happen occasionally and it always creates too much attention. I don't like that. I am always fearful that they will somehow find my home and destroy it. Or worse, they will capture me and ! Well! I shudder to even think of what they would do to me! I like to watch them when they don't know I'm around. There's a lot to be learned by watching humans when they don't know they're being observed! Not all of it is nice, either!

Ah... no, you do not need to know what I look like. You may see parts of me in different places but the rest is up to your imagination. The illustrations used in my journal are imaginary and not how we look at all. None of us allows full-scales images of ourselves to be drawn, painted, or captured in any form. We are very attractive and if humans saw us they would want us for pets. That lifestyle would not suit us very well. We need lots of space, salt water and privacy.

The last time I was spotted was in the spring of 1997. I think they were fishermen. Man, when they saw me, they took off like a streak of lightening! They didn't keep quiet though and the story was even in the newspapers. One interesting thing came of it, though - a couple of humans actually wrote a song about me! Could make me famous, I suppose, and Fortune Bay too. Good thing tourists are only around during the summer, cos I don't really like the idea of being famous. I do most of my swimming in the early spring and late fall when the water is cooler but not freezing.

But I am rambling. I have stories to tell, things that should be recorded while I can still do it. I mean, I could be around for centuries yet, but then again, you never know. Besides, I want to tell you about some of my cousins, not the famous ones like Nessie and Ogopogo, the ones you haven't heard about. It may take me a little while to finish it. Writing is kind of difficult for me. Trying to hold these toothpicks that humans call pencils in my large claws is no easy task. Uncle Bunkle said I should have one of those new-fangled computing machines but I ask you - can you picture my huge hands using one of these contraptions? I sure can't!

So, have a little patience and I'll get them done. I'll even try to get a copy of that song I told you about. I think it's been recorded too. This is all so exciting! I can't keep my tail from twitching!

© Fay Herridge

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