Locked Out

They locked me out
because I went
to a Jamboree –
unless I forgot
to ask if they
wanted to go with me;
I must admit
my memory’s not
quite what it used to be,
yet childhood days
of long ago
so clearly I still see.

They locked me out
without a thought
for all that I had done,
forgot the years
I watched and trained
their daughters and their sons;
and all because
I took one day
to have a little fun,
and did not make
it home before
the rising of the sun.

They locked me out!
hard to believe –
but they turned me away,
I never felt
so much alone
as I did on that day;
though long ago
they took me in
when I was just a stray,
now I must find
another home
where I can live and play.

© Fay Herridge

Monster Tales ~ Uncle Bunkle

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