The Loch Newf Monster
(Based on a true story)

As I was fishing in my boat one cold and rainy day
I saw a very scary sight a-swimming in the bay
I rowed up for a closer look and much to my surprise
I saw the Loch Newf Monster right before my eyes

It had a long and skinny neck, it had a horseís head
It stared at me in silence and my heart was filled with dread
Like something from Jurassic Park, it shook its head in vain
As if to say to me, My Boy, Iíll bring this island fame.

Loch Newf Monster It looked a lot like Nessie, twas a big and ugly brute
Yet in a funny kind of way, it still looked kind of cute
Nobody knew just what it was, or knew from where it came
And so the Loch Newf Monster was chosen as its name

It looked no more than thirty feet and full of dark grey scales
But I could not be certain if the creature had a tail
With two big ears, or maybe horns, just like a dinosaur
It slipped beneath the water as I rowed back to shore

You know the Loch Newf Monster likes to swim around the sea
But if you see him, donít be scared, heís friendly as can be
We think that heís one of a kind, the only one around
And way out there in Fortune Bay is where he can be found

Words & Music by: Fay Herridge, Sabrina K. Wall & Michael T. Wall
Published by: MICHAEL T. WALL MUSIC (SOCAN) 1999 P C
P.O. Box 187, Fortune, NL Canada L1V 3T3

(Not to be used without written permission from the writers and/or publishers)

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