Ekee-oko This is Ekee-oko. Now here’s a monster you really should meet. He’s always getting into some sort of trouble.

Eke-oko is a distant cousin of mine – I think six times removed or something. He’s only 177 years old yet, just a young thing.

He’s very furry, which is unusual for a monster. Granny Geezer said that there was some connection with a woolly mammoth way back in his family somewhere.

Anyway, as I said, he’s always getting into trouble. And he has this fascination with clocks, wants to know what makes them tick. He likes clocks with musical chimes and he thinks cuckoo clocks are crazy. His favourite is a big old grandfather clock in the hallway here at the Sanctuary. He sits there for hours, watching it, his head swinging from side to side, keeping time with the pendulum. I’ve seen him do it until he got dizzy.

Now Ekee-oko loves sticky honey buns. They’re his very favourite food. He could eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for between meal snacks too.

One time, about 50 years ago, we were at a family gathering. Ekee-oko decided that he wanted all the sticky honey buns for himself. Of course, he knew that Granny Geezer would never go for that so he came up with a secret plan.

We were all catching up with each other’s news. With a couple hundred of us all talking at the same time, you can just imagine what the noise was like. So no one heard Ekee-oko screaming for help. Then Twystye came looking for Ekee-oko to play a game of tag in the maze. That’s when we realized he was missing.

So the search was on. There were so many of us looking for Ekee-oko that we were practically tripping over each other’s feet and tails. Of course, we made so much noise stomping around and calling out to him that we still couldn’t hear him calling for help.

After a while we gave up searching and gathered to discuss the matter. Then Granny Geezer called for quiet.

‘Help! Help!’

200 heads turned towards the hallway at once. Where was Ekee-oko? We had all passed through there but no one had seen him. Granny led the parade back into the hallway.

‘Where are you?’ she demanded.

‘In the clock,’ he whimpered.

Well, what a mess! He had taken a huge armful of sticky honey buns and then climbed up inside the clock to hide and eat them where no one could see him. Now sticky honey buns are very sticky and Ekee-oko got stuck inside the clock!

Uncle Bunkle had to take the clock apart to get him out. While Uncle Bunkle was cleaning up the clock, Granny Geezer scrubbed Ekee-oko with soap and a brush. Poor Ekee-oko was so embarrassed that he never tried to hide with sticky honey buns again! In fact, I’m not sure he even eats them anymore.

© Faith Loveless & Fay Herridge

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