Working In The Garden

Working in the garden,
Down upon my knees;
Working right beside me
Are the busy bees;
Gathering the nectar
Of flowers that I plant,
And their gentle buzzing
Sounds like natureís chant.

Busy Bee
Slug Damage

Working in the garden,
Not a pretty sight-
Slugs were there before me,
Working overnight;
They attacked the hostas,
Leaving holes in leaves;
Have to fight against them
While Iím on my knees.

Working in the garden Ė
Heard a buzzing sound,
Took a little searching,
But the source was found;
Guess the greenhouse ceiling
Must look like the sky,
Looking for a way out Ė
Pretty dragonfly.


Working in the garden,
Listening quietly
When I hear the birds start
Singing in the trees;
When Iím in the garden,
Kneeling on the sod,
Peace is all around me,
There Iím close to God.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Dec 2016/Jan2017

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