Outport Memories Whisper

Outport Memories

Outport memories whisper
as they walk the empty floors
of all the old abandoned houses;
that stand like silent sentinels
in the small resettled places
on the rocky, windswept coastline
of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Outport memories whisper
as they watch the restless sea
through vacant, open windows,
as the sun sinks ever lower
and the waves are getting higher;
watchfor husbands, fathers, brothers
who would soon be coming home.

Outport memories whisper
as they smell the wood smoke rising
floating upwards from the chimney;
assupper’s cooking on the stove
pleasing scents that spread and linger,
as they mingle with the perfume
of the salt air from the sea.

Outport memories whisper
as they hear familiar sounds,
likethe tiny little songbirds
or the echoes of glad laughter;
ocean waves that kiss the shoreline,
trees that whisper in the breeze,
or the wailing of a gale.

Outport memories whisper
as they feel the fleeting touch
of a soothing summer rain
and the caress of gentle winds;
then the first snowflakes of winter
and the coldness of the season
or the force of howling storms.

Outport memories whisper
down through time and history
as the moments of the past
fade in and out of memory;
some are sad and some are pleasant,
all are stored in hearts of people
who have outport memories.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

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