The Lady and the Knight

There was a lady and her knight
Who reached to hold each other tight
With heart and soul and trembling hand,
As evening fell upon the land.

The day is done, the setting sun
Casts golden light on everyone;
Sweet vows of love were softly made
Here in this quiet, leafy glade.

An eagle soared above them high
And in the silence heard a sigh
Within the voice that whispered low:
'I would that you had not to go.'

'Alas, dear heart, I can not stay,
Tho' I have been so long away;
When morning comes I must be gone,
So bide with me till break of dawn.'

She closed her eyes - so not to see;
One hand upon his sword had he;
She tried to calm the fears within
For there were battles yet to win.

But on the day of his return
The flames of love will brightly burn;
And in her satin gown of white,
That's when the lady weds her knight.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Feb/Mar 2005
Inspired by the picture inside the cover of a paperback romance novel but, I must confess, I did not read the novel.

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