Ground Zero

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Ground Zero

Ground zero they say
Was in chaos that day
When the Twin Towers came tumbling down;
The smoke and the fire
Climbed higher and higher
As debris fell like hail to the ground.

In anguish they cried
For the souls trapped inside,
It was hard to believe what they saw;
There were questions to ask,
None felt up to the task
While the hurt that they felt was still raw.

So high was the cost
In the lives that were lost
And the shock was replaced with the grief;
As the sorrow and pain
Fell upon them like rain,
Only time would bring any relief.

Ground Zero they say
Is so different today
From the day when the Twin Towers tumbled;
Memories linger on
Of the loved ones now gone
And the millions of lives that were crumbled.

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Aug/Sep 2015

This poem was inspired by an episode of Beauty and the Beast (2012) called Hothead
when Vincent and Catherine were standing there at the end remembering his brothers. F.H.

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