Evening Storm

Lightening Lightening The angry waves lashed at the shore
And the sea began to roar
Louder than it had before,
Just at the closing of the day;
The mighty wind began to howl
Like a lion on the prowl
And the hooting of an owl
Was very faint and far away.

Dark heavy clouds were on the run,
Blocking out the setting sun,
And the rain had just begun
To fall upon the thirsty land;
Great drums of thunder rolled and crashed,
Neon strobes of lightening flashed,
In harmony the earth was bashed
As only nature could command.

But secret lovers lie in bliss
As they share a gentle kiss,
For they want no more than this -
Their love will keep them safe and warm;
A bolt of lightening splits the night,
The trees are trembling now in fright,
Black ashes lie where love was bright -
The ruins of an evening storm.

Written May 11, 2004

© Fay Herridge
Published in Canadian Stories, Apr/May 2005

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