What You Mean To Me

There's something I would like to say
In form of poetry,
About the way I think of you
And what you mean to me.

You've chosen me to be your friend,
Although I don't know why,
But knowing that you care for me
Sends my spirits soaring high.

You brighten up my day each time
I see your friendly face,
No matter what the future brings
No one will take your place.

In your soft, expressive eyes
I see a tenderness
And in your smile, a gentle warmth
That thrills me, I confess.

Your letters always make me smile
I love to hear from you,
And when I find one in my mail
It's like a wish come true.

Just once I'd like to be with you
To keep you company,
To walk together, hand in hand
In moonlight, you and me.

Just once, if we were close enough
To hold each other tight,
Lean on each other, as we talk
Till late into the night.

Just once to be together now,
Instead of far apart,
Then I could tell you all the things
I feel deep in my heart.

But one thing you must surely know,
Whatever I can do,
If I can help in any way
I'm always here for you.

I'll always give you my support,
My love and loyalty,
Because you make my life worthwhile,
That's what you mean to me.

© Fay Herridge

Of Love and Friendship
© Fayz World & Sugarwolf Designs