Someone Very Special

There's someone very special
On my mind and in my thoughts,
I can't explain the joy
That your friendship has brought

When I lie asleep at night
You are in my every dream
And I can look into
Your soft blue eyes, it seems.

And when I drift in daydreams,
You're always there with me;
Your warm and gentle smile
Is wonderful to see.

Your voice, so soft and sexy,
Sends such shivers up my spine;
And I'd give anything
If I could make you mine.

And I hope, in some small way,
That I make you happy too;
By giving you my support
And love that's ever true.

There's someone very special
Who is always on my mind;
Your every smile is like a string,
Around my heart entwined.

© Fay Herridge

Of Love and Friendship
© Fayz World & Sugarwolf Designs