Recipe For A Match Made In Heaven

Start with basic interest and initial attraction.
Stir in trust, honesty and loyalty.
Press together firmly.
Set aside until friendship forms.

Mix together in no particular order,
equal portions of:
understanding, dependability, fondness,
tenderness, communication, compassion,
companionship, thoughtfulness, patience,
generosity, laughter, cooperation, sweetness,
gentleness, sharing, support, openness,
sincerity, comfort and flexibility.

Season with human warmth;
Add genuine love;
Pour over base and
let stand until commitment develops.

Combine generous portions of:
Chemistry, excitement,
Desire and pleasure.

Spread evenly over filling and Let nature take its course.

One lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

All ingredients must be in equal portions from two sources- or the recipe will not work.

© Fay Herridge

Of Love and Friendship
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