Feelings That Are You

Each time I see your smiling face
My heart goes reeling into space,
And with my spirit I embrace
The feelings that are you;
Your laughter, like a breath of spring,
The warmth and happiness you bring
Flows over me and my soul sings
Of feelings that are you.

Each time I hear your voice so sweet,
I feel my poor heart skip a beat
And I am swept clear off my feet -
By feelings that are you;
Your eyes show feelings deep inside,
Emotions that you cannot hide,
And my soul is open wide
To feelings that are you.

And when I close my eyes at night
Your face is never out of sight,
For every dream is wrapped up tight
In feelings that are you;
And even though we're far apart,
Those feelings I had from the start
Will live forever in my heart -
Sweet feelings that are you.

I know that there will never be
A sight more valuable to me
Than all the tenderness I see
In feelings that are you;
Your gentle heart, worth more than gold,
Just reaches out to touch my soul,
For all I need to make me whole
Are feelings that are you.

© Fay Herridge

Of Love and Friendship
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