Because I Love You

I believe in you
and I have faith in you
and I will support you
in everything you do
because I love you.

When heartaches come around
your smile turns to a frown
when troubles get you down
I'll always be around
because I love you.

If ever you feel blue
I'm always here for you
our friendship will be true
I'll always stand by you
because I love you.

This world is full of pain
and tears may fall like rain
hard work seems all in vain
I'll help you dream again
because I love you.

And when there seems to be
no one, there's always me
to give you willingly
the comfort that you need
because I love you.

And my love for you
forever will be true
and it will see us through
as true friendship can do
because I love you.

© Fay Herridge

Of Love and Friendship
© Fayz World & Sugarwolf Designs